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  • puy lentils

    Legumes and a low FODMAP diet


    Share Legumes are a food group that some don’t pay much attention to. But for others, they’re a crucial part of their daily food intake. So how do you manage legumes and a low FODMAP diet together? Chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, haricot beans, black eyed beans… …

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  • Legumes

    Legumes for Inflammation


    Share For nearly any of you who have spent much time with me, you would have heard me bang on about how great legumes are, especially legumes for inflammation, so I figured it was time that I wrote a post about it! This is the …

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  • Anti inflammatory foods


    Share I was lucky enough to speak to our team this week about anti inflammatory foods, and the growing body of evidence there is around these. At the suggestion of Rob Russo, I created a quiz, that everyone then participated in, followed up by case …

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