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  • How much sodium?


    Share Sodium is an electrolyte that our body needs in order to survive, due to its role in regulating blood pressure and fluid balance. However, too much sodium, in the long term, can result in elevated blood pressure, also known as hypertension. This can increase …

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  • Vitamin D Deficiency & Your Health


    Share Vitamin D is currently one of the most researched nutrients found in scientific literature, and according to a new study, hypertension is another condition its deficiency can be linked to. Numerous studies have linked vitamind D deficiency with obesity and depresion.  Here is a …

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  • Beetroot420

    ‘Beet’ Down Your Blood Pressure!


    Share According the Australian Bureau of Statistics approximately 1 in 10 Australians suffers from elevated blood pressure. New research has shown that 1 cup (250mL) of beetroot juice is able to significantly reduce blood pressure within 3-6 hours after consumption, with blood pressure remaining lowered …

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