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  • Easy ways to increase your veggie intake


    Share Research shows that most Australians are not getting enough vegetables in on a daily basis. Why is it dietitians (and other health professionals) are always harping on about them? They are low in energy, and rich in nutrients and fibre, so one of the …

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  • Antioxidant Supplements & Sports Performance


    Share The supplement industry is booming, with more people than ever before popping a pill each day promising that their products with make you ‘healthy and happy’, ‘improve your life’ or keep you ‘active and energised’. But what effect do these high doses have on …

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  • Girl Eating Broccoli

    B is for Broccoli!


    Share The reality is that there are some foods that we don’t really enjoy eating, but we eat them because we know they’re good for us. For my lovely colleague Dr Irwin Lim, broccoli is one of these foods. He recently asked me to write …

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