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Managing your blood sugar levels

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Abnormal blood glucose levels are a common finding in a variety of conditions, including diabetes, PCOS and insulin resistance. Though there are now many medications available on the market to help maintain blood glucose levels (BGLs), making a few changes to your diet can also play an important role. Furthermore, these changes are likely to result in weight loss and improved energy as a bonus. Research shows that even 5% reduction in body weight may reduce insulin resistance!

To manage BGLs effectively, it is important to choose healthy food options when you can, ensure adequate intake of nutrients and eat regularly. Below you’ll find some easy options to incorporate into your daily routine.

  • Choose wholegrain, low GI carbohydrates.
  • Substitute white potato for sweet potato, which is a lower GI choice.
  • Include 5 serves of vegetables per day (1 serve equals ½ cup vegetables, 1 cup salad, ½ cup legumes or lentils).
  • Include 2-3 serves fresh fruit per day (1 serve equals 1 medium size piece of fruit, 10 grapes, or a cup of fruit salad). Limit intake of dried and juiced versions.
  • Include legumes and lentils at least twice a week.
  • Eat regular meals.
  • Increase dietary fibre.
  • Add cinnamon to your porridge, yoghurt or warm beverage. Cinnamon has been shown to assist with maintaining BGLs.
  • Replace commercially made biscuits, cakes and savoury treats with healthy snacks and homemade varieties. Enjoy in small portions.

If you would like more ideas to help maintain your blood glucose levels, or are simply looking for some ways to incorporate these strategies into your daily routine, , please give us a call on 1300 252 698 or click here to arrange an appointment.