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Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2013’

  • Oats

    Which Oats?


    Share I’ve been getting lots of questions recently about oats, so thought it worthwhile to do a post about this illustrious food. Why are they so great? Recent studies have indicated that consumption of oats can reduce obesity, abdominal fat, and improve liver function. They …

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  • Foods for sleeping well


    Share I’ve written a couple of blogs recently about the effect lack of sleep can have on your weight, and risk of injury, then one of our lovely Rheumatologists asked me if there was any foods for sleeping well? Whilst it is an area that …

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  • Food for Osteoarthritis


    Share Whilst keeping to a healthy weight has long been known to help reduce osteoarthritic pain, osteoarthritis (OA) has long been the ‘left out’ one when it comes to foods which may specifically help the condition. New research though is indicating that there may be …

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  • Muscle Atp E1378419100265

    Why you need to fuel up for a long run


    Share I’ve spoken on this blog before about why you need to fuel up for a long run, but never really discussed WHY it is so important. To get us started, I want to show you a video of someone who has run out of …

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